spaghetti seafood

Price: 65.000
Ristorante Spaccanapoli di Ubud is a traditional italian restaurant located at ubud, the city of the arts in bali.We specialize in Southern Italian cuisine, but are known for cooking for the pleasure of our clientele.Our list of wines, French and Italian, is the pride of Spaccanapoli di Ubud. At Spaccanapoli di Ubud you can find different food from others restaurant in town, because we used only original italian products , cooked from a real italian hands, so we like to serve you better then others. Pasta we used only made in italy, extra vergin olive oil is one of the best produced in italy and not mix . We like to tell you about if you come to spaccanapoli please dont be so hurry up here because we are not a fast food, in italy we go eat at restaurant not just for eat but for socialize and have a lunch or dinner in armony, ours dishes are genuine and prepared with heart. Genuine products used in any italian house where the mothers cooked for own family. Thats why so many of ours clients they are surprised from the real tasty like eat at home. we also made our hand made pasta (tagliatelle, ravioli,gnocchi of potato, and our fresh daily bread wich is the favorit in town, to be clear thats not my advice but from ours clients. Piero & Enung are always on duty in making sure that this restaurant provides the best in personalized cuisine, service, and cleanliness.We strive everyday to make Italian dining fun and exciting, so whether you are in the mood for lunch, dinner, take out, business or personal dining, we will enliven your senses and broaden your perception of high quality Italian food. Ours dishes are prepared fresh daily utilizing our own herbs and fresh vegetables direct from the farm's. We are specialized in vegetarian cuisine to, wich have a large branch of vegan choice to.

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