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Universe Shipping and Trade Links
6,Nilgiri,Deonar Baug,Deonar,Mumbai-400088,India
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+91 22 25561928
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+91 9821018577
+91 22 25518014
Establishment year 1994
Company manager S.Indranathan


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We supply an extensive range of marine equipment, including diesel engine and parts, air compressors, turbocharger, purifiers, freshwater gensets, pumps,
hydraulic pump, hydraulic motors, plate heat exchangers, container lashing materials,marine fenders,hooks,chain blocks, alloy chain, compasses, marine lights,
shackles, thimbles, turnbuckles, pilot ladders, rope, steel wire ropes, deck engine, ships stores, steel pipes, plates, navigation equipments, charts, publications,
stationary,paints,chemicals,anchor,anchor chains,anodes, etc.,

Products & Services
We deals in supply of ships spares,especially in marine engines, diesel engines, turbochargers, air compressors, pumps, separators, plate heat exchangers,marine fenders, container lashing materials,...
We deals in supply of ships spares,especially in marine engines, diesel engines, turbochargers, air compressors, pumps, separators, plate heat exchangers,marine fenders, container lashing materials,...
We deals in supply of ships spares,especially in marine engines, diesel engines, turbochargers, air compressors, pumps, separators, plate heat exchangers,marine fenders, container lashing materials,...
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5145AbbAir compressorAir compressorsAkasakaAlfa lavalAlfa laval 207Alfa laval 209Alfa laval 210Alfa laval 309Alfa laval mapx205Alfa laval mopx205AllenAllen bcs 12dAllen bcs 12dxAllen vbcs 37eAnchorAnchor chainAnchor chainsAtlas copcoAtlas-sasakuraAuxiliary enginesAuxillary enginesAux. engineBallast pumpsBbcBearingsBergeb krg6BergenBergen ldg6Bergen ldg8Bergen rsgb 6Bergen rsgb 8Bergen rtgb6BnwBro 210Brueninghaus hydraulic gmbhB&wB&w 20mtbh30B&w 20mth30B&w 21mtbh30B&w 24vf37B&w 25mtbh40B&w 25mth40B&w 26mth40B&w 35vbf62B&w 42vbf75B&w 42vf75B&w 42vt2bf90B&w 45mtf85B&w 50vbf90B&w 50vf90B&w 50vt2bf110B&w 50vtbf110B&w 520mtbh30B&w 525 mtbh40B&w 526 mtbh40B&w 55mtf90B&w 55tf90B&w 5t23hhB&w 5t23lhB&w 626mtbh40B&w 62tf130B&w 62vf115B&w 62vt2bf90B&w 62vtbf115B&w 62vtbf140B&w 62vtf115B&w 6t23hhB&w 6t23lhB&w 74vt2f160B&w 74vtbf160B&w 74vtf140B&w 7t23lhB&w 84vt2bf180B&w 8t23hhB&w 8t23lhB&w-alpha 400-24B&w-alpha 400-26B&w-alpha 490-29B&w-alpha 490-31B&w-alpha serie 28u/28pB&w-alpha serie 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materialsLiebherrMacgregorMain bearingMain enginesMain engine partsMakMak 281Mak 282Mak 332Mak 451Mak 453Mak 55Mak 551Mak m20Mak m281Mak m282Mak m331Mak m332Mak m351Mak m424Mak m451Mak m452Mak m453Mak m551Mak m552Mak m581Mak m582Mak m601Mak ms24Mak z421Mamci lim man rv 16/18ManM.a.n. 40/45Man-b&wMan-b&w 23/30Man-b&w 28/32Man b&w l+v28/32aMan b&w l+v28/32hMan-b&w l/v 28/32Man b&w l20/27Man b&w l23/30Man b&w l23/30hMan b&w l28/32M.a.n.-b.&.w. l58/64Man b&w t23lh-4eMan b&w t23l-2Man g6v17.5/22Man g6v23.5/33Man g6v 30/45Man g7v23.5/33atlMan g8v17.5/22Man gvM.a.n. gv30/45M.a.n. gv40/60M.a.n. gv45/60M.a.n. gv52/74M.a.n. gv58/84M.a.n. gvu46/66Man gv 22/30Man gv 23.5/33Man gv 24/30Man gv 28.5/42M.a.n. gz52/90Man ksz52/105Man ksz52/105cM.a.n. ksz52/105c-clMan ksz60/105Man ksz70/125M.a.n. kz57/80fM.a.n. kz60/105cM.a.n. kz60/105eM.a.n. kz70Man kz70/120cM.a.n. kz70/120eM.a.n. kz70/120edmrMan kz70/120e ausbMan l/v 20/27Man l52/55Man rv16/18M.a.n. rvvv40/54M.a.n. rv vv52/55Man wv 17.5/22Man wv 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