CEJN Multi & Auto

Multi & Auto
CEJN’s Multi- & Auto products are high-tech couplings and nipples designed to be built into manifolds and plates. This enables several fluid lines to be engaged and connected and disconnected in an instant. Presented here are three styles designed for modular systems: Automation couplings suitable for fluid or hydraulic applications and the Multi-Snap system for fluid applications.

High-Pressure Hydraulics
CEJN has over 40 years of experience in quick connect coupling technology for high-pressure hydraulics and offers a wide range of products with operating pressures up to 3000 bar (43,500 PSI), CEJN High-Pressure Hydraulic couplings are specially designed for ultra high pressure pumps, rescue equipment and other demanding applications. Presented here are couplings and nipples, hoses, pressure gauges and porting blocks for high-pressure hydraulic applications.

WEO Plug-In
As more and more applications industry-wide are being converted from threaded to threadless connectors, WEO Plug-In hose fittings are the connection of choice for critical equipment applications. CEJN WEO Plug-In threadless hose fittings simply “plug in” to hydraulic systems. WEO fittings are available in sizes 1/4" through 1" with maximum working pressures of up 350 bar (5076 PSI). Presented here are couplings, nipples, cartridges and ferrules for mobile hydraulic applications.

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