Digital PR Service Agency

Provide solutions as one-stop digital agency. Optimize PR campaign with online strategies. The techniques improve visibility and searchability of PR contents. It is popularly referred as search engine optimization (SEO). The process will get the contents crawled by search engines. Therefore PR contents will increase in rangking when considered most relevant and updated mentioning brand or corporate name. PR content can be targetted to reach audience which has interest about your brand or corporate identity, bringing in the positive impact as a whole. Otherwise, engage with search engine marketing (SEM) which are cost effective to implement rather than traditional PR.

GALASEO also provides online press releases service. It means your PR content will be distributed on some online PR websites which have been selected as approriate and qualified to release. It will comprise of Indonesian and international websites. GALASEO also has network of online news outlets which will carry credibility to your press release.

Clients will also have option to engage key online influencers to help with allowing certain audiences to receive positive feedback about your brand or corporate body. GALASEO will arrange everything in coordination with the influencers. Key online influencers may engage with his/her followers through personal blog and social media accounts by offering reviews and other intimate two-way communication.

Prior to or following press release launch, GALASEO can support any client with media monitoring service. It gets down to deploying online monitoring software to scan public online website and social media whenever there are mentions of brand or corporate identity. This is very important to establish current position of your brand or corporate body. It can reveal whether the sentiment is positive and negative and what the issue concerns them. By correctly identifying the issue, PR media campaign or content will directly address the issue at its center.

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