Media Placement

Media placement is a service for clients to help them scouting various online news portal when they need to place advertisements directly on each media of their choice. It comes from putting all the media sources on the table and looking into opportunities for better rates through added values combinations. It can give you the room to stretch your advertising budget as far as possible. Each media will have its various channels such television or radio within its working business group that they want to enhance the engagement to give exposure to clients from its news portal for future opportunity. And sometimes, offline format will give additional boost to the campaign as part of the package.

It helps with planning for schedules of placement prior to or after for certain event that may increase relevancy and traction to engagement when they see the advertisements or advertorial articles. This will require good contact and coordination with respective online media as their welcome page and section pages are always first come first serve basis.

Rather than assigning the in-house media relations or marketing communication executives to deal with each online media, it will be more strategic to assign this to digital agency with good relations with these various media. Digital agency is the partner that constantly works with these news media, because of its interest of engaging with new and existing clients, therefore digital agency will be more able to get additional value from co-sponsorship or other initiatives.

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