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Piercing Bali by KOLONI Tattoo Studio
Safe & Hygienic Professional Piercing Service in Bali

Our piercing method utilize single-use needles, the best in the industry, operated by only an experienced piercer in Bali with decades of experience in the profession. We have our customers come to us for:
- Navel piercing
- Nose piercing
- Earlobe piercing
- Helix piercing
- Lip piercing
- etc.

We've covered the essential information on getting a piercing in Bali in our website. So make sure to have a look! Have a chat with us through our social media channels; instagram and facebook, we'll be happy for consultations regarding piercings, piercing aftercare, piercing recommendations, Bali piercing prices, tattoo care, and everything else you may need a professional insight on.

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