Water-Well Construction

Price: Rp.950.000.000
The well design planning includes the selection of suitable materials, the size of the components (diameter, wall thickness) and the size of the screen slot widths. In order to achieve the best and optimal design, we work very closely with our clients for ensuring well planned design for each clients. This is very important when it comes to construct wells of greater depth or diameter, since the larger the dimensions, the greater the use of materials, which increases the investment costs.

We optimize the material specification and the investment cost needed by calculating the optimal screen placement, material combinations, and pump selection which require careful calculation. SUPRA drills using integrated method, according to national standards and take international standards into account with prior underground water study and exploration. It includes literature study, geophysics, geological survey and field mapping.

SUPRA has drilled numerous wells for various purposes to clients’ satisfaction. During this time, SUPRA could, and still can, always benefit from its decades of experience and its knowledge of well drilling and construction. This enables the us to carry out drilling and completion professionally even in the most difficult project. As a leading nationwide water well drilling operator, we operate everywhere from Aceh to Nusa Tenggara Timur. We are providing state of the art services and partnering with our clients on managing the complexity, cost, and risk of water resources and supply to improve the competitiveness of our client business.

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