Well Inspection and Borehole Camera Investigation

Price: Rp.50.000.000
Borehole camera investigation to inspect and verify borehole and well conditions
One of the most important inspections aspects of water wells is the detection of well deterioration at the earliest stage possible. SUPRA makes use of this specially equipped borehole investigation camera which makes it possible to detect screen clogging, material failure, cracks, rust, or other damages all down to more than depth of 200 m. Water well constructions are regularly checked per 6 months, so that client is able to determine the early time for preventing larger losses of the well performance.

SUPRA Borehole Camera system utilizes HD dual view camera to provide both a downhole view and a detailed 360 degree continuous scan of well sidewalls. A side view allows a well video logging operator to examine the formation walls, casings, screen, gravel pack, infiltration, encrustations, deterioration, perforation blockage or other physical damage. Our camera provides rotating image elements for maximum examination, with responsive controls and easy operation. The Borehole camera is resistant to vibrations and shock while performing well video logging profiles.

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