Biological Safety Cabinet Class II BCBS-1102

Type- EN Certified Biological Safety Cabinet class II Type A2
Airflow Volume (Inflow)- 490m³/h (289cfm)
Airflow Volume (Down flow)- 65%: 910 m³/h (536cfm)
Airflow Volume (Exhaust)- 35%: 490m³/h (289cfm)
Filter ULPA Filter – 2 pcs, filtration efficiency for 0.12um particles≥99.9995%
Max Opening- 500 mm
Tested Opening- 200 mm
Work Surface Height- 750 mm
Work Zone Material- 304 stainless steel, side window glass
Main Body Material- cold-rolled steel with anti-bacteria powder coating
Front Window- Manual and electric, glass thickness> 5mm, anti-ultraviolet
UV Lamp- 30 W
LED Lamp- 14Wx 2
Illumination- ≥1000 Lux

also known as- Biological Safety Cabinet, Bio Safety Cabinet

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