PPL(A) Flight Training & Time Building Programs

PPL(A) Flight Training Course
Flight training is conducted in Messolonghi airfield which is ideal for intensified training providing a 800 m asphalt runway, accommodation on site, briefing/lecture spaces and hangar. All that within a short flying distance with national/international airports such as those of Zakinthos and Kefallinia. Kerkira International Airport (mainly for Night Rating training) is also used offering 24/7 operations, full lighting systems and navaids to familiarize students with “airport environment” similar to that encountered in their future professional activities.

Time Building Programs with Mentoring Services
Eurowings offers Time building programs with mentoring services from experienced Flight Instructors to Greek and foreign pilots who wish to improve their skills beyond the PPL(A) level or need to obtain additional flying experience required for the continuation of their training at a higher level. Eurowings Structured Hour Building Programs (SHBP) have been designed to assist PPL(A) holders in developing their flying skills and techniques from a private pilot standard to that required by a commercial pilot. During SHBP, the PPL(A) holder is directed and assessed by a Eurowings Flight Instructor for consolidation of existing skills as well as learning new ones, acting as his mentor throughout the program. Indicatively, such skills include pre-flight planning, general aircraft handling, accuracy, time management, navigation including VOR & ADF tracking, flight by sole reference to instruments, fuel management, etc.

Through pilot's monitored preparation and assessment process (typically progress checks every 5 hours) it is possible to adapt the program to meet the varied requirements of individual pilots and provide a personalized training package.

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